5 June 2017

Catégorie(s): ilmariel.net, Treasure.

This post will be billingual because I also have fews news about my domain ilmariel.net.
Firstly, I join an another TCG: Rustic. It’s a small TCG and I like that it’s only playing game, no forums and not complicated things to have cards. To be honest, I have a social life outside internet and it’s complicated to maintain at day the others TCG that I play. But I love that and I don’t want to quit another time (and if I’m old ====> 41 this year!)

French part:
J’ai lu récemment que Google n’allait plus encourager les sites qui n’ont pas de “responsive design”. Cela me fait réfléchir car il faudrait que j’apprenne comment en faire et je n’ai pas les moyens de moderniser mes logiciels Web. De plus, si je transforme ilmariel.net en un blogue avec Wordpress, ce site n’aurait plus sa raison d’être… et je me demande bien de quoi je vais parler!! ^^;;

26 April 2017

Catégorie(s): Treasure.

My apologies if I was silent since 3 years now… But if I like ilmariel.net and to make Web design, I needed to distance myself and think about my life. Anyway, the important are that I’m back!

So, I decided to make a new design and I will join some TCG within the next few days. If I’m old now (lol), playing TCG it’s always a pleasure for me!

Last thing: English is not my first language. If you see some mistakes, please sent me a little message! ;)

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